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new community quarterly

Volume 9 Number 4, Summer

Theme of this most recent issue is: Community Development and related issues - in Rural, Regional and Remote Areas

EditorialJacques Boulet
Community Power = Community DevelopmentTaryn Lane
The Earthworker Co-op: A Community 'Acting Differently'
Poem: What Must Be SaidGrunter Grass
Cinema and community: a rural Australian case studyLisa Milner
Earthship Project Australia
Acts of love and the art of transformation: The role of social workers as agents of changeLouise Marie Masters
Risk constructions in the controversy surrounding the use of glyphosate (RoundUp) in the production of GM soy in ArgentinaKarin Skill and Ezequiel Grinberg
Papua New Guinea: challenges from rural practiceJohn K. Kamasua, Kerry Brydon, Catherine Flynn & Robyn Mason

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