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New Community Quarterly is an Australian journal of community development with a history spanning over twenty years. This website provides information about ‘New Community Quarterly’, including subscriptions, contributions and availability of back issues as well as an archive of most of the previously published ‘Community Quarterly’ by issue and subject.

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New Community Quarterly Vol 5 Number 4, Summer 2007

Theme of this most recent issue is: “Community Development in Rural, Regional and Remote Areas”

For a full list of articles, see : New Community Quarterly Vol 5 Number 3, Spring 2007

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New Community Quarterly Association
2 Minona Street, Hawthorn
P.O. Box 3079, Auburn, Victoria, 3123, Australia
Telephone: (61 3) 9819 3239   Fax (61 3) 9819 3439
Email: [email protected]ABN 60 304 561 531   ISSN 1 448-0336

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