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Call for Articles, News, Poems and Other Interesting Contributions

Volume 4, No. 2 – Winter 2006
“Community Development and people of Different Abilities”
This issue invites contributions to the above theme, which obviously invokes issues of inclusion, difference, how do communities deal with the presence of people of all (dis)abilities in their midst. We also invite contributions to policy and programs dealing with inclusion of people with disabilities, as well as experiences from the ‘grassroots’ across all the various locales where community development is the ‘operative term’ to describe the approach to inclusionary practices.

Papers to be received no later than end May 2006. Publication date June 2006.

Volume 4, No. 3 – Spring 2006
“Volunteering and the Practice and Politics of Community Development”
Volunteering is something most of us do. Volunteering enables us to use some of our skills, energies and motivations in ‘other’ areas of interest or concern. But is that all? Does it enhances one’s career, does it open up another career, or does it enable us to participate in the practice and politics of community development? Volunteering is much more than unpaid work as it enables us to promotes social change, enhance social justice and human rights. Is this, with the tighening of Centrelink rules, the new Industrial Relations confusion, and the fear-promoting anti-terror legislation, just what is needed?
Please send your contributions – either networks news, project reports, refereed articles, stories, poems to:
Ben Leeman, [email protected] – Enquiries to 03 9808 1710

Papers to be received no later than end August 2006. Publication date September 2006.

Volume 4, No. 4 – Summer 2006
“Rural, Regional and Remote Community Development”
Innovative, provocative and challenging community development papers presented at recent rural and regional conferences. The aim is to share rural and regional community development theory and practice with a wider audience and to invite feedback. Please forward possible papers and questions to the editor.

Papers to be received no later than end November 2006. Publication date December 2006.

Your contributions, in the form of views, comments, articles and suggestions are actively invited. This is your community development journal, so we would like it to reflect your aspirations, ideals, concerns and visions for the future. One of the shared goals of community development is to improve society and the human condition. We welcome your contribution.

To facilitate this cooperation, we encourage mutual support and constructively working together to promote the theory and practice of community development.

Your written comments, views, news and articles, but also cartoons, drawings and photographs, and also information about your workshops and conferences, and informative websites, are most welcome.

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